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Fall Articulation: Four Fun Ideas!

Fun With Your Autumn Articulation Speech Therapy

Does the crisp, cool fall weather have you thinking about apples, squirrels, and pumpkin pie? (If so, I am totally jealous. It will hit 90 degrees here today in Texas.)
Fun Fall Articulation Ideas by The Frenzied SLP's

If you have been following me, you know I think using seasonal themes in speech therapy is terrific.

What a great way to combine articulation and language goals, and keep kids interested. For articulation, I like to have a few open-ended activities ready, so it works for my whole caseload. Here are some ideas for you:
Fall Articulation Ideas: Open-Ended Activities by Speech Sprouts
Fall Articulation: open-ended fun


Draw or print out a tree. You can use pom-poms (add some tongs for fine-motor practice) bingo chips or playdoh to make apples. Give an apple (or a bit of dough) for each turn.
Data-taking tip:  Use two colors- let’s say red and yellow for instance. Give one color for correct, and the other for “try again.” Super for data-taking at the end of the session, and a visual for the child to reinforce correct productions.
For more apple ideas and links to an apple tree freebie read my Apple Stamping  post.


A green tissue box monster with construction paper teeth. Children "feed" their cards to him in speech therapy.

I love monsters. What kid hasn’t wanted to be a monster for Halloween, a spooky, scary, ridiculous-looking monster? I added some construction-paper teeth to this cute tissue box, and presto! I had a great motivational activity.
We feed the monster articulation cards. He always smacks his lips and makes loud munching noises when fed. I tell the kids to be careful, because my monster bites. ( I hold the box as they feed him, and sometimes he lunges a bit and makes chomping noises! The kids squeal with delight.
Read about more incredibly fun and easy monster ideas in this post.


I got the web above at the dollar store and picked up a few sparkly spiders to give for each turn. I always have the kids say their words 5-10 times before getting a spider. The sparkly spiders spin a special spot to live. Are you thinking /sp/ blends? I also have one large spider, and the kids like to pretend that it’s the mama.


Thanksgiving is around the corner and in the US,  our thoughts turn to turkeys. Why not make turkeys with your kids? Write an articulation word on each feather.
You can use construction paper strips for the legs and fold them back and forth, cut out the other parts and glue them on. Google eyes make it even more fun. The turkey pictured above is from my Thanksgiving Speech Therapy Turkey Time Pack in my store.
Read about more fun Thanksgiving ideas in this post.
Hope you enjoy these fun fall ideas!

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