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“Never underestimate the difference YOU can make in the lives of others.” ― Pablo Valle

Our SLP life can be crazy, wonderful, stressful, fulfilling, difficult, inspiring and sometimes… just plain exhausting.  

Does a huge workload make you wonder how on earth you can get it all done, and whether you’re really doing your best for kids?

Hi, I’m Lisette, a speech-language pathologist who spent over 20 years working with preschool and elementary-aged students in Texas. I’m blessed to have a wonderful husband, two amazing sons, a sweet grandson… and two furry kitty cat companions Nilla and Tazzy.

I understand how it feels to be overwhelmed with all the demands of your job.

I’ve been there. There’s so little time left for planning the engaging, high-quality activities that you want for your students. 

I knew there had to be a better way, and discovered that using themes and books in speech therapy simplifies your planning, saves you time and just makes your sessions more fun.  

So I began creating themed and literacy-based resources to help other SLPs and special education teachers.  

Activities that meet multiple goals,  work well for a variety of learners and get kids excited to participate.

 I love being able to pull out just one resource for the day (or week!) and use it across my caseload. 

I want to help you save time and feel more confident.

Stop spending your nights and weekends planning. Let’s get your planning done.

  • Visit my shop
  • Choose the perfect activity
  • Enjoy your sessions with students

You’re not in this alone.

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