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Organize your speech therapy files with colored and labeled dividers by your workflow and you can see what needs to be done at a glance! No need to get fancy, the dividers pictured here are simply laminated construction paper. Read more speech room organization tips at #speechsprouts #speechtherapy

17 Genius Ideas to Organize Your Speech Therapy Room

Speech Therapy Room Organization Can be Challenging! How do you organize your speech therapy room to make the most of your space and streamline your workflow? Many SLP’s are given small spaces to work in, sometimes practically minuscule, especially in schools. Combine that with the fact that you need storage

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Fear of missing out? Read this list of the the best of SLP blog posts. The open laptop shows Speech Sprouts blog.

Fear of Missing Out? Read The Best of SLP Blog Posts

Are you missing out on the best of SLP blog posts? It’s terrific that there are so many SLPs out there sharing their expertise, insights, ideas, and resources. But that’s just it… there ARE so many! In the last few years, speech and language blogs have exploded. You can’t possibly read every

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3 Sure-Fire Secrets to Solving Mixed-Group Madness

Mixed groups are challenging in speech therapy. I won’t lie. If feel like you need octopus arms and an extra set or two of eyes to shuffle cards and papers and take data all the while you are trying to keep wiggly children engaged in speech therapy(whew!), you are not alone.

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SLPs Have Super Powers- No Debate!

There’s No Debate, SLPs are Great!  That’s the theme of today’s fun Instagram hop by The Frenzied SLPs. I need a little positivity, a few laughs and diversion from this week’s intense election, so I am really excited to join in.  Be sure to read all the way to the

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