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Try this Easy Story-Telling Craft For Halloween!

The Little Orange House story and easy constuction paper craft for Halloween. Orange construction paper is folded in half, then several cuts are made to go with the story. When the construction paper is opened, you see the final result is a punpkin jack 'o lantern.

Have you heard of The Little Orange House? It’s my favorite story and craft for Halloween speech therapy.

This is not just an easy construction paper craft for Halloween, it’s a great listening activity too! You tell the story as you cut a piece of orange construction paper to make this fun craft.

The Little Orange House is a story about a witch who needed to find a house for the winter.

There are several variations of the story to go with this easy craft for Halloween.

There’s The Little Orange House, The Witch and Ghost Story, and The Pumpkin House. I’ve seen the story with the characters of a little witch and her tiny cat, or a little witch and a tiny ghost.

Whichever version you choose to tell, your kids will listen intently with rapt attention, I promise.

Scholastic has a version of the story with a witch and a ghost you can download.

The version of this Halloween story I like to tell is about a little witch and her tiny black cat.

One chilly October day, a tiny witch and her even tinier black cat were out looking for a house to live in for the winter. As they walked along, the leaves were blowing all around in the air. It was getting colder and colder but nothing they found seemed quite right for their house.

They started to shiver and shake. Just then, the tiny witch saw a piece of orange paper blowing in the wind, and she got a brilliant idea. She said, “I’ll make a house out of this piece of paper!

The little witch caught the paper and pulled out the pair of scissors that she always kept in her pocket. She folded the paper in half and started to cut the piece of paper. She said, “We’ll need a door so we can get inside.” So she cut a door for herself and another tiny door next to it for her little black cat.

It was quite dark inside the little orange house, so the little witch cut a window to let in some light.

She went back outside to admire her work but noticed that her tall pointy hat kept hitting the top of her door. “I’ll fix that!” she said. She got her scissors back out and cut a triangle shape at the top of her door for her hat.

Now the witch decided that her little orange house would look perfectly wonderful if it had a round roof. So she got out her scissors and cut the roof into a lovely round shape. “Just right!” she declared.

Finally, the house was done! So the little witch and her tiny black cat opened up the paper, and what do you know? Their little orange house was a pumpkin.

My kids are so excited when they see the final surprise results! All ages enjoy this easy craft for Halloween, even my upper elementary kiddos!

All you need for this activity is a piece of construction paper and a pair of scissors.

For younger children in preschool or kindergarten, you can do the cutting yourself as you tell the story. For older children, you cut your piece of orange construction paper as you tell the tale, but also give each child a piece of paper and scissors to cut along with you.

You can easily work on several goals with this fun Halloween activity for kids:

  • listening comprehension
  • following directions
  • story retelling and sequencing
  • story grammar: setting, characters, problem, and solution.
  • wh questions
  • past tense verbs
  • articulation- ch (the story repeats witch) and /k/ cat
  • and fine motor cutting skills too.

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Happy Halloween!

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