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The Five Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate Pumpkin Activities for Preschool Speech Therapy



The Five Little Pumpkins Sitting on a gate is the perfect fall preschool speech therapy activity – not just for Fall Harvest or Halloween celebrations, but all season long. You’ll get easy prep hands-on activities plus no-prep activities. Teach WH questions, story re-telling, sequencing, describing, rhyming, phonological awareness, matching, basic concepts, and articulation of initial /p/.

Children love the Five Little Pumpkins Sitting on Gate rhyme and fingerplay, and now you can use it to teach language concepts and articulation too!

Print or Digital This fall speech and language activity includes a digital PDF story or you can print the interactive storybook version with detachable pumpkins for hands-on student engagement. Both versions are provided- you choose!
With 19 activities included, you’ll easily cover a week or more of fun fall centers in your classroom, whole-class activities, or numerous speech therapy sessions! Have fun with dough, dot markers, bingo chip activities, a cut and paste Five Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate mini-book and so much more. 
These cute pumpkins activities are great for either fall or Halloween themes, as there are no Halloween references:
The story has little pumpkins with friendly smiles sitting on the gate, and it states “There are bats in the air” (but no mention of witches or Halloween.).
No Color Ink? No Problem. BW & Grayscale printing options are included.



  • Storytelling/retelling
  • Articulation of Initial /p/
  • Phonological Awareness
    • Sound and syllable discrimination
    • Segmentation
    • Phoneme manipulation
    • Rhyming
  • Answering Where? Questions
  • Prepositions: in, on, under, over, in front, behind, next to, between.
  • Ordinal Concepts: First, second, third, fourth, fifth
  • Size Concepts: small/medium/large and tall/short
  • Understanding negative “Not”.
  • Name to a Description
  • Matching: same/different
  • Vocabulary
  • Quantity Concepts-Counting to 5. How many?

CONTENTS: 19 activities with 51 useable pages plus 2 storybook versions: No-print interactive digital PDF story and a Low-Color Interactive Printable Story:

  • Five Little Pumpkins Interactive PDF story (separate file) – paperless! Project it or show on your computer or tablet.
  • Low-color storybook you can print with interactive story pieces
  • Mini Book- cut and paste student version with a parent letter
  • Five Little Pumpkins Poster
  • Magnet-board Story-telling pieces with small, medium, and large pumpkins & a fence.
  • Dough Mats- make 5 pumpkins and count them. Are they large? Small? Recite the rhyme and make the pumpkins roll out of sight.
  • How Many? Counting Activity- Count the holes in the pumpkins, attach a numbered clothespin.
  • 14 Basic Concept cards: small/medium/lg, tall/short, first/second/third and negative “not”. These are also included in the No-Print PDF!
  • 30 articulation picture cards of Initial /p/ words. Lots of CV, CVC words.
  • Guess What” for Initial /p/- Name to description cut & paste activity
  • What Begins with the “P’ Sound? phonological awareness activity.
  • Phonological Awareness Sorting Mat- isolate initial sound /p/ and sort the Rhyme
  • 24 Rhyme Pair Cards
  • Phonological Awareness Question Card- 46 questions in two levels of difficulty
  • Pig In The Pumpkin Patch: Preposition Practice Dry Erase Mat
  • Pumpkin Patterns Matching- File Folder Game- match the pumpkins by pattern and teach same/different/match
  • Pumpkin Patch Game – A fun open-ended motivational activity to use with any learning activity.
  • Dot Marker Pumpkin Patch Motivational Activity
  • Pumpkin Size Sort with sorting mats- are they large or small, tall or short?


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