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SLPs Have Super Powers- No Debate!

There’s No Debate, SLPs are Great! 

That’s the theme of today’s fun Instagram hop by The Frenzied SLPs. I need a little positivity, a few laughs and diversion from this week’s intense election, so I am really excited to join in. 

Be sure to read all the way to the bottom of today’s post for information on the hop, and how you can enter to win one of two $25 gift cards. That sounds better than watching political ads, now doesn’t it?

SLP's Have Superpowers- No Debate!


Why do I think speech-language pathologists are great? Because SLPs have superpowers! 

Just think what we can do…

1. Identify articulation errors faster than a speeding bullet.  

2. Write reports more powerful than a standardized score.

3. Use x-ray vision to shape that stubborn /r/. 

4. Leap over tall piles of progress reports with a single bound.

5. Change the course of stuttering and apraxia.

6. Build vocabulary more powerful than a video game lexicon.

Look! Up in the speech room! 

Is it a teacher? Is it a nurse? Is it an administrator? No, it’s Super SLP! Disguised as a mild-mannered therapist, we fight the never-ending battle for kids, communication and super success!

All joking aside, I am continuously amazed by you, my fellow SLPs.

 The level of caring and dedication, professionalism, problem-solving skills, collaboration and expertise of my colleagues inspires me. I’m proud to be a speech-language pathologist. I vote for you! Enough said 🙂


Now more about the Instagram Hop

The Frenzied SLPs would love you to come “vote” and enter to win one of two $25.00 Amazon gift cards.You’ll be asked to follow, and  cast a “vote” at each stop (comment) So follow, vote, click, and you may win! 

The contest runs from 11-6-16 at 6pm EST and ends on 11-8-16 at 9pm EST. Two Winners will be chosen and announced on 11-9-16. Oh, and I must note that the contest is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by Instagram.

At 6pm EST, head over to Speech Sprouts on Instagram @speechsprouts

 or to any of your favorite Frenzied SLPs on Instagram. There, you will find the full scoop about the rules and can get hopping. 

Once you are there, you will need to “vote” in a comment on each Frenzied SLP’s post. There will be several topics to vote on. I’ll be asking you to vote on your favorite SLP super-power. Then follow and click through the hop, until you get back to the first page. That’s it!

Good luck, and remember to go vote in the election November 8th as well. 

Happy Voting!

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