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Apple Activities for Preschool Speech Therapy and a Freebie!

Apple activities for preschool speech therapy including a book for prepositions and Where questions. The page shown has a red apple with eyes next to a green tree. A crow is sitting on top of the apple. The text reads: I'm under the bird, can't you see? A red paper apple finger puppet is also shown.


Fun apple activities for preschool speech therapy

I love to use an apple theme in preschool speech therapy and needed some apple-themed language activities.  I saw these cute apples with their adorable, expressive faces, and knew they were perfect to create language activities for my fall speech therapy sessions.
 Using colorful books with simple, repetitive text is great in therapy. But it can be a challenge to find a book that supports specific language goals.
Where? questions are always tough for my little ones. When I ask them where an object is, I usually get, “Right there! as they point to the object. ” Wh? ” questions can be difficult for students with autism and PDD too.

I decided to write my own apple tree book for where questions.

The cute little apple is found in all kinds of places near that apple tree, giving children plenty of opportunities to practice those prepositions and spatial concepts as well as answering, “Where is the apple?”

Printable apple activities for preschool speech therapy (and kindergarten too)

I found I was having so much fun with the cute apple theme, that I created lots more language activities. Just like picking apples from a tree, you want a basketful!


Apple Apple Where Can You Be? Prined booklet and preschool speech therapy activitiespreschool unit

Apple, Apple Speech Therapy Reader and Language Activities is packed with language opportunities in a fun autumn theme. There are so many ways to elicit language!

Apple Apple Book

This cute book features repetitive text and targets Where? questions. Read the book, then complete the cut-and-paste reader. You can elicit lots of position concepts and answer where questions on each page.

preschool apple book pages- Where is the apple?

An Interactive Reader That Targets Where? Questions.

Apple mini-book Black and white cut and paste reader for Where Questions
Children answer where questions and practice position concepts with this cut-and-paste mini-book version of the story. 

Apple Tree Dough Mat

Children roll apples and put them on the Dough Mat. Have your students tell where the apples are. Are they in the tree? Next to the squirrel? In front of the basket?
How many are in your tree? Who has more? Who has less?
Apple tree dough mat with red dough balls for the apples.


Apple Cookie Sheet Activity

The cookie sheet activity is great for story re-tell, vocabulary, and additional Where? practice. Use it for story retelling, or use the pieces as a barrier game!

speech therapy cookie sheet activity with printed apples, baskets and an apple tree mat.

Barrier Game Fun!

Have you ever used barrier games in therapy? Following directions, position concepts, vocabulary, and describing- this activity hits it all. To play the barrier game, print two copies of the apple tree mat and the coordinating pieces.  
 Sit so you are facing your student. Give a copy of the mat and the pieces to your student, you have another copy in front of you. Place a barrier in between you so you can’t see each other’s mats. 
Next, take turns describing where you are putting the pieces. The directions need to be specific, because your partner will place the identical piece on their mat, according to the description. For instance, you might say,  “The crow is at the top of the tree. The yellow apple is on the grass…” When all the pieces are on the mat, lift the barrier and compare. Are they in the same place?

Wormy Apple Finger Puppet!

A printable red apple finger puppet with a finger through it for the "worm"

Make this cute finger puppet to help tell the story. Draw a smiley face on your finger and it becomes the “worm” That apple can go to all kinds of places. Where is it? On the chair? Behind Joey? Students can color and cut out their own puppets.

Practice quantity concepts with this sorting mat:

A half-whole picture sorting activity. Pictures of a half and whole egg and a heart are sorted on the mat.
Use this mat to sort the half and whole pictures


Want to add an apple craft to your session?

You can plan out multiple preschool speech therapy sessions with this yummy theme, and an art activity or apple craft is perfect for providing lots of language opportunities too. I’ve got you covered with this post… apple stamping with real apples! If you’re looking for fun, but not too messy apple activities for preschool speech therapy, go check this idea out.

Free Apple Dot Marker Activity

A free preschool apple tree printable in both color and black and white. The green tree shown has white dot spaces that can be covered with bingo chips .


Sometimes, you just want a quick, simple motivational activity that works for any target.

So I whipped up this preschool apple tree freebie for you.

I created both a 10 apple version and a 20 apple version. You can cover the apples with bingo chips, use dry-erase markers or top it with pom-poms for even more fun!

This apple tree preschool printable is great for taking data too.

Here’s how: Use two colors, maybe red for correct and yellow or green for incorrect. You keep control of the markers, and your student a marker or object of one of the two colors after each response. At the end of your session, you’ll be able to see the percent correct at a glance, because there are a total of 10 (or 20) apples on the tree. Makes taking data a snap!

Please leave a review if you like it! Your feedback means a lot to me, I appreciate it more than you know!

If you’d like all the apple speech therapy activities for a full apple unit..

Check out the links beloe to see Apple Apple, Where Can You Be? in my Speech Sprouts website shop or you can find it in my Speech Sprouts shop on TpT. You may also like to check out Apple Apple’s sister resource: Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Where Can you Be?

Happy Fall, everyone!

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