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30 Valentine’s Day Speech Therapy Freebies You’ll Love!

30 Valentine's Day Speech therapy Freebies  you'll love. Paper hearts, markers and scissors in the background.

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day in your speech therapy room? It’s such a wonderful holiday to talk about friendship and kindness, and just plain fun too! Here’s a whole list of Valentine’s Day Speech Therapy Freebies to get you started.

Now is the time to prep some terrific Valentine’s Day activities.

To help you get ready, I asked my SLP blogger and author friends to share their very best Valentine’s Day speech therapy freebies with you. Here’s mine:

A preschool Valentine's day speech therapy freebie for position concepts- Lovebugs position concepts hunt

Here’s a little love from Speech Sprouts

Valentine Lovebug Prepositions: Get your kids up and moving while practicing prepositions and following directions. Just hide the lovebugs around your room, and watch the fun begin as your kiddos follow the clues to find them. Readers will enjoy reading the clues or you can read each card for your little ones.

Blank clue cards are included so you can write your own clues to match your room or setting.

Add a bit of competitive fun (and addition practice too) by having the kids add up their scores when all the lovebugs are found.

Here are more Valentine’s Day speech therapy freebies from some terrific SLPs!

Freebies for Prepositions and Wh questions:

Valentine Lovebugs Prepositions Speech Therapy Freebie by Speech Sprouts
Hearts Everywhere: An Interactive Book by Chapel Hill Snippets
Where is the Heart? Valentine’s Preposition Book by Figuratively Speeching SLP
Sweet WH Questions by Speech Wonderland
Bilingual Valentine’s Day: Yes/No Questions by Sarah Wu- Speech is Beautiful

Freebies for Syntax:

Valentine’s No-Print Irregular Past-tense Verbs by Whitney Palyu Bright Ideas SLP

No-Print Interactive Books: Valentine’s Day Plurals by Jen at Speech Universe

Freebies for Vocabulary:

Valentine Broken Heart Opposites- Speech Therapy Vocabulary by Susan Berkowitz
Valentine’s Day Adjectives by Speech Time Fun
Sugary Sweet Ways to Say Said by SLPTalk With Desiree
Whooo Loves Synonyms and Antonyms by Teach Speech 365
Heart Train of Multiple Meaning Words by Kristine Lamb

Freebies for Social Skills:

Is It Kind? A Free Social Skills Activity by me (Speech Sprouts)

Cupid Quandry: Sweet Questions for Sticky Social Situations by SmartmouthSLP

More Freebies for Language:

The Night Before Valentine’s Day by Speech is Sweet
Valentine Inferencing by Carly Fowler
Steal Their Heart Language Challenge is free when you sign up for the Dabbling Speechie’s newsletter.

Star Crossed: Following Flirty Directions by the Pedi Speechie
February Calendar: Expressive & Receptive Language Activities by Speech Sanity
Valentine’s Day: Love Idioms by Speech Paths

Freebies for Articulation:

Valentine Cupcake Game: Freebie-R-Blends-Reading and Speech Therapy by Natalie Snyders
Valentine Friends Freebie by GoldCountrySLP

Even More Valentine’s Day Freebies:

Valentine’s Day Open-ended Boom Cards by Mia McDaniel

Valentine Cupcakes Open-ended Game by Speaking Freely SLP
Valentine Heart Challenge by Peachie Speechie
Words From My Heart: An Exercise in Kindness by SpeechSnacks
Made With Love: Open-Ended Activity by Let’s Talk Speech Therapy
NO-Prep Print and Go Dice Games- Valentine’s Day by Jessica Finch
Valentine’s Day ABC Alphabet Cards by Lauren Dibiase

I hope you found some Valentine’s Day treasures in this post.

Be sure to pin this post for later so you can find all the freebies next year!

30 Valentine's Day Speech therapy Freebies you'll love.

Need digital activities for Valentine’s Day teletherapy or your no-prep sessions?

I’ve got you covered in this post 29 Terrific Free Valentine’s Day Speech Therapy Ideas for Teletherapy

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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