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Having a Frenzied week? Try this Easy Meal.

Sometimes we need a quick easy meal.

It’s been a crazy SLP day. Therapy, reports, meetings, billing. Whew! You just got home, it’s getting late and everyone is hungry. Sound familiar? But what to fix?

Ideas for quick, easy meals for your frenzied weeknights!

This week I am linking up with the Frenzied SLPs to bring you quick and easy meal ideas for those days when dinner needs to be on the table pronto, no fuss, no muss!

Here’s what works at my house. This is really two meals. 

Day 1: Crockpot Pork over Mashed Potatoes. 

Put a large pork butt in the crockpot with some onions and carrots, and a little salt and pepper. I add garlic too…whole cloves, chopped or powdered- anything goes. Add your water of course, cover and cook on low all day while you are at work. I like to use baby carrots, so it eliminates the need to peel or chop them.

To make it easy, prep the night before, and put the crockpot in the fridge. Pull it out and plug in before you head to work.   When  you get home, fix some mashed potatoes. Spoon that juicy pork and vegetables over the top: voila! Dinner is served. When everyone is done, pull the remaining pork out of the crockpot, and pull it apart into shreds. Refrigerate- and you have the basis of tomorrow’s easy meal.

Ideas for quick, easy meals for your frenzied weeknights!

Day 2: Pork Tacos

You are home again, and tired out from your hectic day. No worries: this will go together in a jiffy.

Heat your pulled pork in a skillet. Chop some onions and fresh cilantro. quarter a lime. Get ready with some shredded cheese and hot sauce too.

Ideas for quick, easy meals for your frenzied weeknights!

Heat up a tortilla until lightly browned on each side. We use an iron skillet for this.

Ideas for quick, easy meals for your frenzied weeknights!

When done, pile everything on that warm yummy tortilla: pork, onion, cilantro. Squeeze on some lime juice. Add cheese and hot sauce. Delish!

Ideas for quick, easy meals for your frenzied weeknights!

Thanks for stopping by, I would love to hear your favorite easy meal ideas.  For plenty more inspiration, check out the linky below hosted by Kelly of Speech2U  for more great meal ideas. Thanks Kelly!

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