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29 Terrific FREE Winter Speech Therapy Ideas for Teletherapy

29 Free winter ideas for speech teletherapy #speechsprouts#speechtherapy
Enjoy your winter break, because there’s no need to start hunting for winter speech teletherapy activities! I’ve done that for you with this roundup of winter books, songs, games, movement breaks, and free Boom cards.  Bookmark this page and you’ll be ready to open it during your online sessions, and have all the links ready to go.

Winter Songs for Speech Therapy

If you’ve been following my Free Activities for Teletherapy series, You know that Super Simple has great videos.

Here are some of my favorite winter songs for littles:

I’m a Little Snowman by Super Simple is a wonderful repetitive song for the vocabulary of eyes, nose, scarf, hat, buttons.

Little Snowflake is one of my hands-down favorite YouTube songs for preschoolers. It’s that adorable! Target articulation:  /sn/ snowflake, /f/ falling,  verb+ing (falling, skating), What doing? questions, and simple vocabulary: body parts (head, nose, hair), winter clothing (hat, scarf).

Three Little Kittens The kittens have lost their mittens! Target regular plurals (mittens, kittens), initial /m/ (meow, mittens), past tense verbs, and What happened? questions (lost, found, washed)

Snowflakes, Snowflakes by the Kiboomers is sung with a nice slow pace making it great to target /sn/ blends and work in a movement activity too.

Five Little Snowmen by the Kiboomers targets s-blends (standing, stayed, snowman), /s/ (sun), and regular past-tense (melted).

Snowflakes Song by the Learning Station is another fun song for those s-blends.

Silly Santa by Maple Leaf Learning Kids
Guess what Santa forgot- by comparing pictures of Santa. Great for /s/ too (silly, Santa).

Get them moving mid-session with these movement break songs:

29 winter ideas for speech teletherapy including brain break winter songs as shown on this laptop. #speechsprouts#speechtherapy

Winter Hokey Pokey by the Kiboomers

Snowman Freeze by the Learning Station

Penguin Dance by Jack Hartman

For your bigger kids:

Koo Koo Kangaroo Brrrr This one is a bit challenging for preschool but will get your Elementary kiddos moving (and freezing). Target ‘ar” and r-blends as it repeats “Brrr”, “R, R, R”, and “freeze”.

Winter Fingerplays:

I have a great list for you here:

14 preschool songs and fingerplays for speech therapy #speechsprouts #speechtherapy

14 Preschool Songs and Fingerplays for Winter Speech Therapy

 Winter Books for Speech Therapy

I always recommend getting a hard copy of the book if you can, both for in-person and virtual sessions.  I’ve linked the YouTube read-alouds for you.
Please note: All the links are working as I write this post, please comment to let me know if you ever find a link that no longer works!

Read and re-read the same book over several sessions.

Children benefit in so many ways from multiple readings. And bonus: It sure makes planning quick and simple for you. Try exploring the book as you read it yourself in the first few sessions. Then show the video during the last session, before working on story re-telling.
Let it Snow by Maryann Cocca-Leffler has bright colorful illustrations and simple text that take you from icy snowstorms to the first signs of spring. This story is great for “What doing?” questions, winter verbs, s-blends, and talking about seasons.
Snow Friends by Christina Butler
Little Bear Wakes up to find a snowy world. Soon he finds some friends to help him build a snowman. Target sequencing with all the animal friends, s-blends, and story re-tell.
The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats
You’ll target s-blends, “What doing?” questions, prediction, and cause-effect with this sweet classic story.
Sneezy the Snowman by Maureen Wright and Stephen Gilpen is perfect for predictions, cause and effect, and why questions.
The Mitten by Jan Brett is a wonderful classic story that has opportunities for winter vocabulary, sequencing, prediction, vocabulary, and more.  Be sure to look at the borders of the pages to see what will happen next.
Build a complete unit around this story with multiple sessions ready to go with my digital The Mitten Digital Speech Therapy Activities Book Companion in my store.
Snowmen at Night by Caralyn Buehner
Can you find the hidden pictures? Look for a cat, a rabbit, a Santa face, and a tyrannosaurus rex in the pages. There are so many targets in this favorite story. What do you think would happen if snowmen became alive at night?
Follow up this story with multiple sessions of fun using my Snowmen at Night Speech Therapy Book Companion, and you’ll be able to target a wide range of goals and ages. I included worksheets that can be used digitally with the Teacher pay Teachers digital overlay tool as well as printable activities for your in-person students.

If you’ve not yet discovered Storyline Online, you totally need to check it out right now!

You’ll find wonderful readings by actors and celebrities. Some of these videos are over 10 minutes, so keep that in mind when planning.
Brave Irene by William Steig
Irene offers to bring the gown her mama made to the ball, braving a harrowing, snowy journey. Target What happened? questions and higher-level vocabulary such as “squinting, resented, walloped and muffled” with your elementary students.
Henry Holton Takes the Ice by Sandra Bradley is a story about a little boy who just doesn’t love ice hockey like the rest of his family does and realizes he’s made for something else instead. A sweet story about how it’s okay and wonderful to be different. Target social skills- how to be accepting and supportive of others plus you’ll learn winter ice hockey and figure skating vocabulary.

Free Winter Boom Cards

Winter Vocabulary Memory Game by Pinwheel Speech Products is a 2-player game focusing on animal and object vocabulary. You can easily use it for describing and answering questions as students find each pair of pictures.
Free Penguin Jokes by Tong Stevens is fun to work on humor, multiple meanings, and homophones.
Create a Snow Globe by Courtney’s Speech Room An open-ended activity for s-blends or any target.
Getting Dressed in Winter! by Must Love Speech targets winter clothing vocabulary as you dress Dan and Jan.
Tic-Tac-Toe -Winter Themed by Say and Play Articulation is open-ended fun for 2 students.

Free Winter Online Games

Give your kids mouse control online, or have them tell you what to click or move.
Make a Snowman by ABCya lets kids click and drag to design their snowman.
Dress for the Weather by ABCya has kids pick a puppy and dress him warmly for winter. Great for preschool.
Frost Bite by Funbrain Practice your speech targets, then have fun catching snowflakes on your tongue. Fun for kids who can have mouse control. Collect stars by swallowing the big snowflakes, just don’t swallow a fly! An open-ended motivational activity.
Fish Force by PBS Kids is another fun motivational game for open-ended play. Can you help Plushie get unstuck from the ice? Good for upper elementary.
Molly of Denali by PBS Kids. Play the begging level for easy open-ended snowboarding fun, or keep going to practice listen and you can easily work on WH questions too.
Winter Jeopardy Games from Jeopardy Labs has a flurry of winter trivia games. From answering wh questions to naming to a description, you’ll find lots of engaging games for your upper elementary and junior high school students.

Are you doing in-person sessions too?

 Try an easy snowman craft to build language and work on those s-blends. I’ve got you covered in this post:
I hope this roundup saves you time and helps you have some winter fun online! Tip: Be sure to pin this post so you can easily find it each year.
While you’re thinking about next year, you may want to pin these posts too:
Stay cozy!
29 Free Winter Ideas for Speech Teletherapy #speechsprouts #speechtherapy

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