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Winter Articulation Activities Speech Therapy CVC Smash Mats



Snowball fight!

Winter articulation activities speech therapy smash mats with pictures for simple CVC words

These adorable snowman-themed mats include practice for phonemes in both the initial and final word positions.

With so many ways to use these fun dough mats, you’ll be pulling them out all season long for your winter and snowman-themed sessions.

Do you have children on your caseload with a severe phonological delay or childhood apraxia of speech who need to work at the CVC word level?

This apraxia-friendly pack provides the practice they need,  with 40  mats for 22 phonemes plus the /sn/ blend. it includes hard-to-find practice for phonemes like /h/ and “ng”.

You’ll also easily be able to use it with children who need to target phonological processes like initial and final consonant deletion, fronting, or stopping.

Includes smash mats for:

  • CVC words
  • Initial and final word positions
  • Early developing phonemes and…
  • Later-developing phonemes like r, l, s, and th too.
  • Plus a bonus sn/ smash may for blends

Need No-Prep? The B&W version is perfect for using colorful dot markers, bingo chips or just color the pictures with markers or crayons. Send them home for homework too. Just print and go!

Here’s how you can use these engaging articulation smash mats in speech therapy:

  1. Children love smashing their snowballs as they practice….say the word or sentence, then cover the pictures with a ball of play dough, before smashing it flat!
  2. Pull out your magnet and bingo chips to cover each word
  3. Try covering the snowballs with mini-erasers
  4. Dab each snowball with dot markers (this is a favorite!)
  5. Use the B&W version and let your kids glue small cotton balls on the pictures as they practice, then color the snowmen.
  6. Grab dot markers to use with the BW version as you practice articulation skills.
  7. Older students can have fun at the sentence level making up silly sentences with a combo of 2-3 of the pictured words.
  8. Have your students repeat each word found 10x for 100 practice opportunities per page!
  9. Send it home for homework
  10. You can also color the snowballs while using an interactive telepractice platform, if you have access to those tools

If you love saving time with no-prep, grab-and-go articulation speech therapy activities, this pack is for you!

Better yet, with practice for so many phonemes,  you’ll be able to pull just this one activity and use it across your caseload.



  • Articulation of CVC words (and a few CV) words
  • Initial or final phonemes
  • Articulation of phonological targets: Initial and final consonant deletion, stopping of continuents, fronting of velars, nasals, stridency, deaffrication, gliding and more.
  • Bonus! I’ve included a /sn/ mat because… it’s a snowman snowball fight!

CONTENTS: 40 Pages filled with fun articulation pictures inside the snowballs. Each page targets one phoneme and has 10 target pictures for students to smash (or dot or color) and say.

22 Phonemes, plus a /sn/ blend mat:

• B- Initial, Final

• CH- Initial, Final

• D- Initial, Final

• F- Initial, Final

• G- Initial, Final

• H- Initial

• J- Initial, Final

• /K/- Initial, Final

• L- Initial, Final

• M- Initial, Final

• N- Initial, Final

• NG- Final

• P- Initial, Final

• R- Initial

• S- Initial, Final

• Sh- Initial, Final

• T- Initial, Final

• Th (voiceless)- Initial, Final

• V- Initial, Final

• W- Initial, Final

• Y- Initial, Final

• Z- Initial, Final

• BONUS: /sn/ smash mat

There are 10 pictured target words per mat. Have your children say the word or use the word or use it in a sentence.


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