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The Mitten Speech Therapy Digital Activities Book Companion



The Mitten activities for preschoolers through second-grade speech therapy, provided  3 ways for distance learning and teletherapy: A version for Google Slides, a digital PDF or printable!

The Mitten activities in this resource target sequencing, Yes/No & Wh questions, story re-telling, descriptive vocabulary, and analogies making it super simple to target multiple goals across your caseload.


Both text and pictured answers are at the bottom of each question- providing extra support for emerging readers!

Your students will love sequencing and telling “Who’s next? as they make their cut and paste mini-book to take home and re-tell the story.

Do you need No-Print or Printables? You get both!

Choose the format that works for you. The story activities are provided in 3 ways:

  1. Use the fun, interactive, digital PDF version on your tablet, computer, or interactive whiteboard. It’s great for teletherapy and a life-saver for traveling therapists!
  2. Use the Google Slides™ version in teletherapy or assign it in Google Classroom™.
  3. Print the activities to create hands-on materials for in-person learning.


NO-PRINT OPTION: Ink-saving, delightfully interactive digital fun that’s no-prep for you! (2 no-print versions are included: A version for Google Slides and an interactive PDF.

Download and you’ll be ready to show these winter language activities on your tablet, computer, or project on an interactive whiteboard. The pages advance when the correct answer is clicked or touched.

There are 4 fun motivational activities embedded in the question pages to keep your students highly engaged. After answering several questions, your students will:

  • help Nikki get dressed to go play in the snow
  • “transport” over to find the hidden pictures
  • match the snowflakes
  • find what’s different in the scene.

PRINTABLE OPTION: Prefer printable question cards? Got you covered!

BW and grayscale options are included.

Choose the PRINTABLE option and print the questions out as cards for table-top use or centers. The student reader and motivational activities are also printable.

All answer choices have both text and picture support to use with both readers and non-readers.



•Answering “Who, Where, Where, Why, and How” Questions

•Answering “Yes/ No” Questions

• Completing Simple Analogies

• Understanding Descriptive Concepts- Choose the answer from a description.

• Sequencing

• Story Re-telling

• Same/Different

CONTENTS: Total of 119 Useable Pages

Use these activities after reading the story The Mitten by Jan Brett. The book is not included and should be purchased separately. I am not affiliated with the author.


• 20 Colorful Wh? Comprehension Questions with three pictured answer choices.

• 4 Hidden Pictures: Answer the Wh? questions and be ready to help find the mitten in the hidden pictures that you will find after every few questions!

•20 Yes/No Questions with a fun motivational twist:

Help Nikki get dressed and ready to go out to play in the snow! As each slide advances, Nikki puts on another piece of winter clothing.

• 20 Simple Analogies with two pictured answer choices. The cocoa was hot as…?

• 4 Snowflake Matching Scenes: Can you find the matching snowflake? Target the concept of match/same when you “transport” over to these snowy slides

• 20 Descriptive Concept questions with three pictured answer choices. Which one is soft? Large? Sharp?

• 4 What’s Different? Winter Scenes: Answer the description questions, and then find what’s different in the four winter scenes

• 11-page Interactive Story: Who’s in the Warm Mitten? Target “who” questions and sequencing. Children read the simple repetitive text, “I’m a warm mitten, can’t you see? A chilly ____ is inside of me! Then answer “Who’s next?”


• 11-page student printable Mini-Book. Paste the animals in the mitten as you tell the story.

• Story Retelling Mats and Characters for magnet board or cookie sheet activities. This is also perfect to use as story-telling stick puppets: glue the animals to craft sticks that you can put in a real mitten as you tell the story!

• 80 Question Cards-WH and Yes/ No Questions, Descriptive Concepts and Analogies. These are the same questions as the No-Print version, in a 1/4 page printable card format.

• Motivational Pages to print: These are the same activities in the No-Print version, formatted to print out.



  • This resource comes with an interactive PDF version which is great for sharing with your teletherapy platform.
  • It also includes a version for Google Slides™, which you can easily share in teletherapy or assign in your Google Classroom™.



  • Zipped Files: This resource includes more than one file and is zipped. You will need to unzip the file in order to access the resources.
  • Printable PDF and Interactive PDF: These resources require a PDF reader installed on a PC or Mac to access it. The free Adobe Acrobat Reader is recommended. Other software may not work well with these files. Please be sure your reader software is updated to the most recent version.
  • Google Slides™: To access the version for Google Slides™, you need to have a (free) Google™ account. Once you purchase this resource, you will receive a PDF with a link for access to the digital resource. The link will prompt you to make a copy of the resource, which will add it to your Google Drive™.



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