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Summer Sequencing Activities with Story Retell & Writing



Sequencing activities for summer speech therapy!

This resource is packed with themed puzzles, cards, and printables for three-step and four-step picture sequences making it easy to find just the right level to differentiate for each of your students. These fun sequencing activities will help you teach multiple speech and language skills including sequencing, describing, narratives, prediction, sentence construction, and writing simple sentences too!

Some students may need support in simply describing the action on a single picture, others are able to sequence and retell multi-step picture stories. The included leveled activities are listed below.


No Color Ink? No problem. Ink-Saving BW Printing options are  provided!


CONTENTS: 46 Useable Pages, 24 Picture stories, Differentiated Activities for 2-step, 3-step, and 4-step Sequencing

• 12 three-step Picture Sequences provided 3 ways to allow you to differentiate for your students.

➞3-step Puzzles to provide support for the correct sequence – beginning level

➞3-step Square Picture Cards to use with included Sequencing Mats – intermediate level

➞3-step BW Picture Cards for cut and paste writing activities -advanced level


• 12 four-step Picture Sequences provided 3 ways to allow you to differentiate for your students:

➞4-step Puzzles to provide extra support for the correct sequence – beginning level

➞4-step Square Picture Cards to use with included Sequencing Mats – intermediate level

➞4-step BW Picture Cards for cut and paste writing activities – advanced level


• 2-step Sequencing Mat

• Two 3-step Sequencing Mats

• Two 4-step Sequencing Mats

• Story Telling Poster to help scaffold sentence construction and picture description.

• 2 Single Picture Description Printables-Tell the Story and A Whale of a Tale. Glue a picture in the square. Write a sentence to tell the story. Includes scaffolds for picture description and sentence construction

• 2 Sequence, Write and Tell Printables- 3-step and 4-step- Glue the pictures in order, then write a sentence for each picture.

• Answer Keys/ Story Strips- provides the story in sequence for matching- extra support for the very beginning level.


Sequences Included:

3-Step Sequences:

• Lifeguard Rescue

• Carwash

• Making S’mores

• Building a Sandcastle

• Making a PB & J Sandwich

• Going Down a Waterslide

• Jumping on a Trampoline

• Washing the Dog

• Making a Ham Sandwich

• Cut and Eat a Watermelon

• Eating Popcorn

• Mowing the Lawn


4-Step Sequences:

• Blowing Bubbles

• Making Hamburgers

• Making an Ice Cream Sundae

• Airplane Ride

• Carnival Game

• Catching a Fish

• Bear Finds Honey

• Catching Butterflies

• Goldfish Bowl

• Making Lemonade

• Stacking Cups

• Ants Raid a Picnic


Leveled Sequencing Activities

Beginning Level:– You may need to model describing each picture for beginners by telling the story first. Then your student will re-tell the story.

  • Single Picture Description/ Writing- Have students choose a picture to describe, and glue it to the Whale of a Tale or Tell the Story
  • page. Use the story-telling poster to talk about how to describe the elements of the picture. Your student will describe the picture. If your student is practicing writing, have them write their sentence.
  • Matching Level with Story Strips- Give your student one of the BW story strips, and the matching story cards. Your student will describe each card as they match the story.
  • Three and 4-Step Sequencing Puzzles- Your student will student sequence, then tell the story as they describe each picture.
  • Two-Step Sequencing Mat – choose 2 picture cards from any 3 or 4-step story that illustrate a clear first-then sequence. Your student will use the Sequencing Mat, put the pictures in order, then tell the story.

Intermediate Level:

  • 3 and 4-step Sequencing Cards and Mats – choose any picture card story. Each story is labeled with a title to help students find the pictures that go together. Your student will use the Sequencing Mats, sequence and then tell the story.

Advanced Level:

  • 3 and 4-step Let’s Sequence and Write Printable- Choose a BW Story. Your student will cut out, sequence, and glue the story on the page, then write a sentence to describe each picture.
  • Prediction- Give the student the first two or three cards in the sequence. Tell the story, then have students predict what happens last.


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