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Giraffes Can’t Dance Activities Speech Therapy Book Companion



Giraffes Can’t Dance activities for speech therapy sessions jungle style! These fun language and articulation activities are perfect for ESL, literacy centers, small groups, and your zoo theme too.

You get picture cards, games, mats and printables to teach story comprehension, yes/no and wh questions, multiple meanings, synonyms, antonyms, inference, categories, and more.

This Giraffes Can’t Dance activities set includes 22 engaging activities that will help you cover a variety of students and 19 different language goals for preschool to early elementary.

This book companion resource makes planning quick and super simple for your diverse groups because you can use just one wonderful storybook and these leveled activities across your caseload, from preschool to at least third grade. It’s a great way to meet the needs of multiple learners with one themed set.



• Phonological Awareness- rhyme, syllable counting, initial sound isolation

• Answering Questions: Yes/No, What Doing, Who? What? Where? Why?

• Vocabulary: Synonyms, Definitions, Categories, Multiple Meanings

• Story Comprehension: Answering wh? questions, Inference, Sequencing and Retell with 5 levels of support

• Matching

• Syntax- Possessive ‘s

• Articulation: Initial and Final “j”

Ink-Saving Low Color Printing options provided! No color? No worries! The pages can also be printed in grayscale.


CONTENTS: 56 useable pages, 22 Giraffes Can’t Dance activities plus the adorable Hoofin it Home game, an open-ended motivational activity for any skill you can use with the question cards.

8 Language Activities for Younger Students:

• 10 Level 1 Word Wall Cards for vocabulary

• 18 Level 1 Yes/No question cards for Pre-K to K

• 18 Who? Question Cards- Naming to Description

• 18 Where? Question Cards

• 18 What Doing? Question cards

• 18 Animal Category Sorting cards with 2 Jungle/Farm Animal sorting mats

• Whose Feet?   Match the feet to the jungle animal cards,  then use the sentence mat to answer who? questions and practice possessive nouns.

• 4 Jungle Bungle Dough Mats: Using possessive ‘s’. Make the animal’s missing body parts with dough and place it on the mat.


10 Language Activities for Older Students:

• 18 Story Comprehension Cards

• 18 Level 2 Yes/No Question cards for grades 1-2

• 18 Story Vocabulary Definition Cards

• 27 Category Cards: naming category members

• 26 Opposites cards (13 pairs)

• 9 Multiple Meaning Cards

• 9 Inference Cards

• 10 Level 2 Word Wall Cards for vocabulary

• A Story Map writing activity

• Write Your Own Story: I Learned How. Tell about something you learned to do.


3 Articulation Activities:

• 15 Initial J Cards

• 15 Final J Cards

• “Spotting” Initial J: Say & Color Home Practice Worksheet


Story Re-telling:

• 9 Story Sequencing cards with multiple level visual support mats for ordinal words first, second, third, then, last.


4 Phonological Awareness Activities:

• How Many Syllables? Dot Marker Sheet

• 36 Do These Words Rhyme? Cards

• Jungle Rhymes: Find and write rhyming word pairs.

• Turtley Terrific Initial Sounds Worksheet


Open-Ended Board Game

• Hoofin’ It Home


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