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Need Free Speech Pathology CEUs? Get This Great List.

Free speech language pathology CEUs online-get the list! A speech language pathologist looking at the screen of her laptop.

Are you an SLP looking for free speech pathology CEUS online?

Earning continuing education hours (CEUs) is essential to stay up-to-date with the latest research in our field and evidence-based therapy approaches. I especially love courses that also teach practical tips and therapy techniques to help you serve your students and clients.

The best professional development helps you grow your skill set, stay informed and gets you inspired to get back to your therapy room and implement what you’ve learned!

SLPs know that professional development hours are required to maintain your ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCCs).

Most states in the United States also mandate continuing education hours in order to practice as a speech-language pathologist. These may match the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) requirements or they may differ, so be sure to check and see what’s required in your state. ASHA has a state-by-state list you can check.

Exactly what is required to maintain your ASHA certification?

As of 2023, here are the requirements for maintaining your ASHA CCC’s:

  • SLPs must earn 30 professional development hours each 3-year renewal period. Of those 30 hours you’ll need:
  • at least 1 hour on the topic of ethics
  • at least 2 hours about the topics of cultural competency, culturally responsive practice, cultural humility, or diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). ASHA provides a detailed list of approved topics to help you be sure you’re meeting the requirement.

Did you know that earning ASHA-approved CEUs isn’t the only way to meet the professional development hours required to maintain your CCCs?

According to ASHA, the professional development hours you earn must be within the scope of speech-language pathology or audiology, and they can be related to any area of clinical practice.

Eligible hours not only include speech pathology CEU’s approved by ASHA or state speech and language associations, but also professional development offered by:

  • universities
  • other professional associations
  • employer in-services
  • college coursework
  • independent study and
  • teacher workshops that help you serve your students/ clients better

Find more information about what ASHA accepts as professional development hours but remember to check if these additional activities will also fulfill your state requirements. You’ll want the hours you earn to cover you both with ASHA and your state.

Earning speech therapy CEUs can be expensive

Unless you’re lucky enough to have an employer who’s paying for your CEU hours, the cost of earning those speech pathology CEUs can add up! Some workshops are as high as several hundred dollars per course.

To meet your required hours without breaking the bank, look for local workshops (so no travel expenses are needed), or conferences which often let you earn many hours for one entry fee. You can also find online courses and webinars (some are recorded so you can view them anytime.)

You can also check with your local universities or educational support centers, and even healthcare organizations in your area. They may sponsor low-cost or free professional development workshops or events that will provide CEU hours.

What’s a budget-smart way to start?

Save the paid courses for last, and look for speech pathology CEUs free online. (Bonus… you can even do your hours in your PJs while sipping your favorite beverage!)

To save you some time, I’ve done a little sleuthing for you and found a few great choices.

Check out this list of free speech pathology CEUs online.

You’ll find a variety of free CEUs, including webinars, and both live and self-study online courses.

  1. Diagnosis and Treatment of CAS Using Dynamic Temporal and Tactile Cueing (DTTC) is an online, on-demand course taught by the wonderful Dr. Edythe Strand and sponsored by The Once Upon a Time Foundation. (Yes, I’m a fan!) This course is currently available to earn ASHA CEUs until April 1, 2026. This amazing training is a must-take for any SLP who may assess and /or treat children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech. I highly recommend you take this course, Dr. Strand is amazing and you’ll earn .45 ASHA speech therapy CEUs for free!
  2. offers a free one-hour course of your choice. They have over 400 courses to choose from. However, be aware that only a subset of the courses is available with their free one-hour course promotion. Currently, I did find found one of their SLP ethics courses free with the promo.
  3. Pearson offers various free webinars. Some are about assessment with their evaluation tools, some cover other topics. Head to their website to find both past recorded webinars and upcoming ones.
  4. (the home of Bright Ideas Media) is an Asha-approved CEU provider and offers frequent free CEUs, including the SLP Summit. While their course may be free, if you would like them to report your CEU’s to the ASHA registry, there’s a charge. Remember, you’re not required to report to the ASHA registry, so you can just keep the certificate they provide as proof of your hours if you want. Personally, I’m fine with not reporting to the registry, and earning the hours for free!
  5. The SLP Summit typically occurs twice a year, and gives you the opportunity to earn up to .8 free speechpathology CEUS! You can find out more information about The SLP summit on their website.
  6. Lingraphia also offers some free online CE courses where you can earn ASHA CEUs.
  7. Bilinguistics also occasionally offers free CEUs in addition to other free SLP resources.
  8. The University of Wisconsin Division of Otolaryngology, Voice & Swallow offers online courses on topics like dysphagia, cleft palate, and voice at no charge. They are an approved ASHA CEU provider
  9. Columbia University’s Leadership Project offers several free courses on topics like grammar, evaluations, and cleft palate and you can earn ASHA CEUs.
  10. If you’d like to learn about remediation of /r/ and /s/ using the SATPAC approach, Take this free 3-hour training and you’ll earn ASHA CEUs.
  11. Saltillo offers free classes on Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) topics such as core vocabulary and implementing Lamp Words for Life. They are an approved ASHA CEU provider.
  12. Head to the Tobii Dynavox Learning Hub for more free speech pathology CEUs on AAC Topics
  13. Passy Muir offers both live and self-study courses that will earn you free speech therapy CEUs. Check them out if you want to learn more about tracheostomies and using a Passy Muir valve,
  14. The Lavi Institute also sometimes offers free courses.
  15. Apraxia Kids Lecture Series SLPs wanting ASHA CEUs watch the pre-recorded series, and then must pass the quiz with a score of 80% or higher, and complete a course evaluation.

I hope this list of free speech pathology CEUs helps!

As SLPs, we need to stay up to date with best practices for our constantly evolving profession and the variety of needs of our clients and students.

I hope these professional development opportunities help you stay informed, add to your speech therapy skill set and get you energized to create some fantastic speech therapy sessions!

13 places to find free speech pathology CEUs online. Pin this list!

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