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2 Quick and Easy Turkey Day Games for Free: Just Don’t Eat Tom!

Thanksgiving Speech Therapy Games Freebie: Don't Eat Tom!

Need some quick and super fun printable games for Thanksgiving?

I’ve got you covered with two Thanksgiving dinner games that you can use across your caseload from preschool through elementary that are a huge hit in my speech therapy room. This year, I’m thankful for no-prep activities!

Thanksgiving is around the corner and you need a tantalizing therapy plan.

What have you got cooking? Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday tailor-made to get your students talking about food, feelings, friends and family. And fun. Whew! Lots of /f/ there. But here’s the thing:

It’s November. You’re tired. Your students are wired. It’s the reality of the season.

If you’re like me, you’ve been going full steam ahead on referrals, assessments, and meetings. Hunched over your computer or driving to your next school while you wolf down lunch. Do this, finish that, and oh! Don’t miss any therapy sessions. Yeah, that’s tired me talking. Time-starved fall can be tough!

On the other hand, our students have had Halloween, a week of dress-up Red Ribbon days, fall fun events and so, soooo many assemblies. Wiggle city and chasing squirrels. Sound about right?

So how do you lasso your student’s attention for the next couple of weeks?

Time to make the most of quick, simple and highly engaging activities around the holiday and season. Make ’em low-prep. Think printable games for Thanksgiving.  Because you don’t… have…time.  Don’t stress, I’ve got you covered!

I am so very grateful for you, my sweet and supportive followers, so I have created a couple yummy freebies for you.

2 Quick, easy (and delicious!) printable games for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Speech Therapy Games Freebie: Don't Eat Tom!

Don’t Eat Tom!

Start by choosing a goal and six words or prompts for each student. You can write those in the box, or pop a Quick List in the box. (I’ve included 5 different Quick Lists for you!)

Here’s how to play:

  1. While one student isn’t looking or out of the room, the remaining students choose a character to be “Tom”.
  2. Put a small treat on each character. This could be candy, popcorn, cereal or even bingo chips or tokens if food is a no-no.
  3. The first student then names the picture, answers a question, or says their word the number of times shown in that square.
  4. The student eats or collects the treat on the square, moves on to the next square, and repeats.
  5. When the student gets to the treat on “Tom”, everyone shouts Don’t eat Tom!” and their turn is over.
Of course, the object is to avoid Tom and collect or eat as many treats as you can!
Thanksgiving Speech Therapy Games Freebie: Don't Eat Tom! and Dinnertime!

Dinner Time! is great for Preschoolers

The graphics were so cute, I made a matching game too for my little ones. This is great for teaching Thanksgiving food vocabulary, colors (find one that’s green), categories or following directions. (Find a yellow vegetable.)
Print an extra set or two of cards and play Memory or Go Fish! too.

What are Quick Lists?

These are handy little 2-inch square lists that I have made for several packs now. Read more about my Quick Lists here: 3 Sure-Fire Ways to Conquer Mixed Group Madness.

I’ve included Quick Lists to pair with any printable games for Thanksgiving.

Here are the skills covered:

• Name a food that is___. (roasted, crunchy)
• Describe the food.
• Name the category members (desserts, dairy)
• Which do you ___? (Name a food that matches the verb…bake, slice)
• Use the words in a sentence. (She likes, he cuts) (verb and s-blend practice)
Quick Lists and No-Prep BW sheets for stress-free holiday sessions!
Quick Lists & No-Prep BW activities for stress-free sessions!

No Color Ink?

I know many of you don’t have access to color printing, so I always try to make a BW version for you. You can also use the BW version as a coloring activity or home practice sheet. See? You’ve just covered a whole lot of bases with just one little set. So go download HERE!
Please leave feedback in my store if you do, I appreciate that so much!

Want more great activities and printable games for Thanksgiving speech therapy?

Take a look at these fun. engaging and time saving activities:
Thanksgiving Mixed Group Magic Quick List Activities A whole pack of no-prep BW activities: color by number, mystery squares, puzzles and more.
Thanksgiving Bingo Riddles is the perfect printable game for Thanksgiving for both small group and whole-class activities. Kids absolutely love solve the rhyming riddles to play. There are 30 different cards, so you can use it for small groups, in-class speech therapy or as a Thanksgiving paty game. Think larger make-up session groups too!
Autumn Vocabulary Games: Open-ended games for each month this fall. The Novemebr game is Thanksgiving themed. Spell Autumn to win!

For littles K-1st grade:

The fun interactive story is in both digital and print, includes a send-home mini-bookand plenty of therapy activities for concepts.
An engaging companion to the traditional rhyme and fingerlay, Five Little Turkeys includes  the story in both digital and print, plus 18 activities for speech and language. It’s a great way to get your planning done for November… you can easily cover one or two weeks of sesions with you littles.
Build sequencing skills step by step with activities for 2-4 step picture sequences. Start with the easiest task of putting together the simple puzzle pieces, then move to sequencing the picture cards on mats, and finally to cut and paste sequencing and writing for your older students. You get 24 colorful picture stories, each presented as puzzles, cards and cut and paste printables.

I’m wishing you all a stress-free November and a very happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Speech Therapy Games Freebie: Don't Eat Tom! and Dinnertime!
Download these FREE games here.
Holiday hugs for all. (Yes, I am a hugger. But mostly with my peeps, and that’s you!)
Don’t forget to download your freebie. Can’t wait to hear from you!

Until next time my sweet friends!

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