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Speech Therapy Can Be a Picnic.

A Teddy Bear Picnic that is!

My littles each got to bring a “plus one” to the event. They brought bears of all shapes and sizes.

Teddy Bear Picnic

We read Corduroy then hunted for his missing button.

Each child had to follow the clues with prepositions to find a button.
Look inside something that keeps food cold (play refrigerator). Look behind something we sit in. Look  below the window. Are the buttons the same? Different? We found several buttons that didn’t match, until finally the right one was found!
Corduroy’s Buttons

I have also taken the children on a walk around campus hunting for the button. I give a button to each staff member we will visit. The children ask, “Do you have Corduroy’s button? The correct one is not found until we get back to the room, and find a clue. It was there all along!

Find the buttons that are the same.

We made bear ears.

We matched buttons. We played “musical bears” to the tune of Teddy Bear’s Picnic on YouTube, sung by Anne Murray.

Tip for pre-schoolers: Some little ones don’t get the “competition” aspect of being short a chair. We end up with some tears if someone doesn’t get a chair when the music stops, so we are sure to have a chair for each child. It’s still fun to race around and find a seat!

We measured and described our bears, then had a beary delicious snack of teddy grahams, gummy bears and chocolate milk. Yum.
So much fun with our furry-eared friends!

Of course lots of language was happening! 

The kids were eager to talk about our picnic! Plenty of questions naturally arise: Have you ever had a picnic before? Who was there? What do you bring to a picnic? Where can you have one?

We talked about our bears as they proudly showed them off. Whose bear is largest? Smallest? Line them up in order of size. Talk about pronouns: He has a brown bear, She has a pink bear. Possessives: The white one is Joey’s bear.

What about real bears? Where do bears live? What other animals live there? I wonder what bears eat. How are gummy bears and Teddy Grahams the same? Different?

A Freebie For You.

We had so much fun I wanted to share with you! Here are pages for you, so can print and create your own file folder matching game and go hunting for Corduroy’s buttons. Click HERE to download Corduroy’s Button

I would love to hear what activities you have planned to wrap up the school year. I hope you enjoy this little freebie.
Add Velcro to Corduroy’s overalls to hold the buttons.
Use these buttons for Corduroy and the matching game.
Corduroy’s Buttons- file folder game. Just add Velcro!
Have fun!

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