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13 Great Easter Freebies for Speech and Language- No Hunting Needed!

13 great Easter Speech Therapy activities free to download

Easter is on the horizon, and it’s time to grab some great Easter speech therapy activities free for you. 

Looking for Easter speech therapy activities free to download? I’ve done the hunting, just look what’s in the Easter speech therapy basket for you.

Here are some sweet Easter speech therapy freebies:

  1. Easter and Spring No-Prep Language FREE a sampler by Ashley Rossi
  2. Easter Egg Hunt For Language Skills by Creative Speech Lab. Egg- Hunt for Prepositions, Categories, Comparatives, and more
  3. Spring Craftivity and Word Game by SpeechSnacks. Create your own bird’s nest with this craftivity.
  4. The Night Before Easter Freebie by Speech is Sweet. Practice describing and story comprehension with this cute book.
  5. Easter Barrier Game Freebie by GoldCountrySLP Ask and answer yes/no questions to guess who is being described in this game.
  6. Easter Egg Activities For Speech Language Therapy by Natalie Snyders Target a variety of goals with this activity that uses colorful plastic eggs.
  7. Easter-Themed Speech Sound Worksheets by The SLT Scrapbook. Stamp and say /l/ and l-blend words with these. 
  8. Jelly Bean Jar Craftivity by Sounds Like Fun. Have fun filling the jar with dot-marker jelly beans- open-ended fun.
  9. Springy Plurals by Whitneyslp will have you seeing double and triple the fun as students work on simple plurals.
  10. Basket of Prepositions Freebie by SLPrunner. Practice simple prepositions when you place the eggs in the correct spot.
  11. Easter Egg Hunt Articulation- R Sound Game & Activity by Twin Speech Language & Literacy, LLC. You will find several fun activities for Easter here: Gameboard, Roll, Cover and Say, and Egg Hunt cards too. Fun!
  12. There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick Homework Packet by Simply Speech
  13. Open-Ended Board Games: Easter by Ms. Gardenia’s Speech Room

Let’s just call this post 15 great Easter speech and language freebies, because I couldn’t forget these amazing activities:

14. Following Directions Easter Freebie by The Pedi Speechie. Roll and hop following directions fun.

15. Easter Color Concepts Boom Cards by Mia McDaniel

Do you wonder how you will ever squeeze in those make-up sessions you owe?

Maybe you are looking for an activity for a whole class to do push-in therapy or for your Easter party. Easter Bingo Riddles to the rescue.

Easter Bingo Riddles saves my bacon, because it has 28 boards so I can cover any size group. Everyone is excited to play, engaged, and learning while they have fun. You can even kick it up a notch if you play with jelly beans for markers. Yum.

Easter Bingo Riddles not your ordinary bingo game, because students need to listen to the rhyming riddles and guess which picture on their board is being described. You’ll be sneaking in listening comprehension, inference, seasonal vocabulary, rhyme and even articulation practice all with one super fun game.

A few lovely comments about Easter Bingo Riddles from happy buyers:

  • My class loved this game; they even wanted to play it again when their moms came for our Easter party!
  • I loved the Easter Bingo game as much as the children. The pictures were cute and I loved how they picked up on the rhymes.
  • I love, love love the riddles. Great way to make a popular game into a learning one. We are playing this for our spring party next week.
  • Fantastic! What a great way to incorporate a variety of skills into BINGO! The students loved it.

My PK-5th graders have all loved bingo riddles. Mix and match with a few of the awesome freebies above, and you’ll be all set!

You can purchase Easter Bingo Riddles in my Speech Sprouts TPT store or right here in my website shop or by clicking the images below.

Easter Bingo Riddles is also found in my 5 Holiday Bingo Bundle and Mega bundle which includes 11 bingo games you’ll love using all year.

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