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Stretching Your Therapy Materials Budget-TpT Shining Stars Linky

Do you need to make the most of your budget for therapy materials? Yep, we all do. You are lucky if you have a few dollars allotted to you by your employer. Many of us buy materials out of pocket, or make our own. I do both, but there is just not enough time to make it all!

Fortunately, your budget can get a boost on August 19th- because Teachers pay Teachers has announced a back to school boost sale: More Love for Back to School. Most sellers join in, that means you will find most of  your favorite items at 28% off! Be sure you use the special code for your full discount; MORE15

I am linking up with Jen over at SLP Runner for her TpT Shining Stars Linky Party.

How to choose? Read about my favorites, then hop over and find more great recommendations from many  more of your favorite SLP’s!

Here are some of top picks from  Speech Sprouts:

Associations in the Doghouse

When I create a packet, I think about versatility. Will I be able to use it with most of my students and a variety of targets? When I grab Associations in the Doghouse, I am good to go for the majority of my day!

Learning associations and describing in speech therapy

Little ones find the “go-togethers” and match the cards. My older students describe how the two cards are associated. There is a puzzle card (you can see it in the photo) to help students explain how the two cards “fit” together. This really helps my visual learners. Many of my students have a hard time including the many elements of a description, so I included a cue card to help them with category, function and attributes. An open-ended board game featuring a naughty little dog is fun for all my kiddos!

Giraffes Can’t Dance Speech Therapy Book Companion 

I love activities to go with wonderful children’s literature, so I created Giraffes Can’t Dance Speech Therapy Book Companion. The adorable book Giraffes Can’t Dance  is by Andreae Giles (Not included).

In the story, a giraffe feels lonely and left out because he is different and can’t dance well like the other jungle animals. Then he learns that he really can do a great job, he just had to do things his own way.  This packet includes activities for a range of ages: from Pre- to 3rd grade.

Giraffes Can't Dance Book Companion activity: A giraffe is pictured on a play dough mat with missing sections of it's neck and legs. Two of the legs have been created with orange rolled play dough.

Some of my favorites are “Whose Feet?” My littles match the animal feet to the bodies and answer “Who?” questions. I have also included plenty of activities for other targets: Rhyming, articulation, wh? and yes/no questions, comprehension and sequencing.

Monsters Munch Speech Therapy Bundle

My kids love monsters. This monstrous bundle focuses on Pre-K to 2nd grade. It includes a prepositions game, interactive story, and plenty of articulation and language activities.

Monsters Speech Therapy Bundle-Shining Stars Linky Party www.speechsproutstherapy.comMonsters Speech Therapy Bundle-Shining Stars Linky Party
We love  reading The Big Green Monster and follow up with these fun monster activities.
We  roll play dough bugs, practice prepositions and repeat plenty of “munch, munch, munch!

I also want to share with you some more great choices from some of my favorite speech peeps!

Book Companion for There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat by Jessica at Figuratively Speeching. What can be more fun than an old lady swallowing bats?
I confess I love Monkeys, so I need this from Pam at Small Talk SLP
Finally, we love Mexican food here in Texas, so this really speaks to me… how cute! It’s by Anne of Beautiful Speech Life.

Inspired yet? You can find Speech Sprouts’s store HERE :

One Day Only at Speech Sprouts!
Be sure to head over to the linky party at SLP Runner, and don’t forget to thank Jen for organizing!

You can head over to the Shining Stars Linky Party HERE.

Happy Boost Day!

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