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Valentine’s Day Speech Therapy Activities -No Prep



Valentine’s Day speech and language fun for any goal! Yes-No & WH Questions Quick Lists with a Valentine’s Day theme are included, making your mixed groups easy and TONS of interactive activities to love.

Quick Lists allow you to customize for each student in a snap, just print and paste the perfect list for each student’s goals or simply write in your own.

This versatile pack is different! No need to sort through large, expensive sets that offer only one goal per page or just one type of activity per pack. You get a huge variety of No-Prep, hands-on activities that will thrill your PK-elementary caseload this February.


Mixed Group Magic activities save you time and $$ by allowing you to mix and match any Mixed Group Magic activity with any Quick List. Pick one activity for the entire group (or mix them up if you like). It’s super quick and easy to individualize the activity for each and every student with Quick Lists.

Add articulation and language Quick Lists to this pack (see below) and you’ll cover your caseload. Planning. Done!


What are Quick Lists?

Imagine a ready-to-print list of stimulus items for your student’s goals that you can pop on almost any no-prep printable activity. Each list has six questions or words. They are designed for my Mixed Group Magic activities, but the small size (under 2″ square) will work great with other printable activities you may already have!

Why are there 6 words/questions per Quick List?

You may provide instruction to establish the skill on the first stimulus item. Now you’re ready to take data on the remaining 5 items, making it easy to get a percentage. Need more than 6 stimulus items? Just use 2 Quick Lists for your target! Complete the first quick list, then add another one on top.


Mixed Group Magic Quick List Activities are great for PK-5th grade

I’ve included a wide variety of fun interactive printables with varying levels of difficulty, making sure you can mix and match the perfect activity for each student with just the right Quick List.

Whether it’s scrambled puzzles, dot to dot, color by number, dot markers, mystery squares, finding the friendly faces, or count and color, this no-prep pack is ready to print and go!

This pack will last you a month or more with 60 different activities to engage your students in those group therapy sessions.


Additional year-round Quick Lists that work perfectly with this set for articulation, receptive language, and expressive language are available here:

Mixed Group Magic All-Year Quick List Bundle

Note: The questions in the All-Year Quick Lists are different from the ones in this Valentine’s Day-themed pack, so if you purchase both, you will have an even larger variety of lists to choose from!


CONTENTS: 72 Useable pages with:

50 Different Valentine Question Quick Lists of six target questions each for a total of 300 questions. There are 4 copies of each Quick List.

20 Yes/No Question Quick Lists

• 120 Yes/No Questions

• 72 Noun + verb

• 48 Noun + adjective

30 Wh? Question Quick Lists with a total of 180 Wh? Questions

• 60 What? Questions

• 24 Name an object or animal

• 12 Name an action

• 24 Object function

• 30 Who? Questions

• 30 Where? Questions

• 30 When? Questions

• 30 Why? Questions

62 Valentine Activities Paste your Quick Lists on the box found on each activity sheet.

40 Valentine Activities perfect for your younger students, PK-1st:

• 4 Comic Book Colors: Paint these sheets with watercolors

• 8 Amazing Mazes

• 6 Dot to Dot pages

• 4 Friendly Faces! Find and color the friendly characters.

• 7 Easy Dots! Simple Dot Marker Pages

• 5 Count Them Up! Count and color

• 6 Color by Number Pictures

22 Activities terrific for students 2nd grade and up:

• 12 Mystery Squares Color and guess.

• 6 Mystery Dots! Dab with dot markers

• 4 Puzzle Me! Unscramble the 9 piece puzzles

2 Quick List Data Sheets for your records. Keep one sheet per student, or take group data on a single sheet. Easy peasy!


Quick List Questions include:

Yes/No Questions:

1. Can ___? (roses read)

2. Do___? (rings shine)

3. Does___? (a card whistle)

4. Is ___? (tape sticky)

5. Are__? (hearts square)

WH Questions:


1. What___? (flies, bakes) Name an object or animal.

2. What can you ___? (wrap, mail) Name an object.

3. What does a ___ do? (animals, people, objects) Name an action.

4. What do you do with a ___? (stamp, game) Name an action. Object Function

Who___? (likes flowers, says I love you) Name a person.

Where___? (find thorns, stick a bow) Name a place.

When do you___? (sign a letter, eat out) Name a time or event.

Why do you___? (need scissors, unwrap candy) Name a reason.


All my Mixed Group Magic themed activity packs:

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• Halloween

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• Christmas

• Winter

• Valentine

• Easter

• Summer

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