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Receptive Language Lists for Speech Therapy Mixed Groups



Speech therapy homework, mixed groups & progress monitoring are easy with no-prep Quick Lists! WH Questions, Following Directions, Rhyme, Phonological Awareness, Yes-No Questions and Silly Sentences will give your students an auditory work-out.

This resource is great to support your speech therapy home program. You can easily print and send individualized prompts for each student for at-home learning.

Quick Lists are magic for mixed groups all year. The small size (under 2″ square) allows you to quickly and easily pop one on any activity to individualize for each and every student. Choose the perfect Quick List for each student, cut it out, and paste it on your favorite printable activity. Each list has six words.

Please Note: This set is Quick Lists only and does not contain activities. (Activities are available separately in my store.)



You can save 15% and get all my Quick List sets when you purchase the bundle. Remember, if you purchase the bundle, there is no need to purchase this set separately. It’s included! Find the bundle here:

Mixed Group Magic All-Year Quick List Bundle



Quick lists are also terrific for progress monitoring. Use a Quick List to baseline, then use the same one again (you’ll be presenting the same stimulus items) on a different fun activity at progress intervals. Simple!

A wide variety of targets are offered in this set, with varying levels of difficulty for a range of ages, grades K-5. Some lists are appropriate for younger students, some are appropriate for older students, giving you the versatility to cover your caseload.

Please review the target list below before purchasing to be sure this set meets your needs for your specific caseload!



Quick Lists are designed to go perfectly with my themed Mixed Group Magic Activity Packs which have all the fun activity sheets you could use for an entire month or more! My Activity Packs also come with additional themed Yes/No and WH question Quick Lists found only in that pack… no duplicate lists!

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All Mixed Group Magic Activities and Quick List Sets

Additional year-round Quick Lists available:

Articulation Quick Lists for Mixed Groups

Expressive Language Quick Lists for Mixed Groups


Why are there 6 words/questions per Quick List?

You may provide instruction to establish the skill on the first stimulus item. Now you are ready to take data on the remaining 5 items, making it easy to get a percentage. Need more than 6 stimulus items? Just use 2 Quick Lists for your target! Complete the first quick list, then add another one on top.


CONTENTS: 34 Useable Pages with:

160 Different Receptive Language Quick Lists of six target words each. That’s a total of 960 questions!

There are 4 copies of each Quick List.

Yes-No Questions

• Yes-No Questions: Can___?

• Yes-No Questions: Do___?

• Yes-No Questions: Does___?

• Yes-No Questions: Is___?

• Yes-No Questions: Are___?

WH Questions

• What Questions: What___?

• What Questions: What does a ___ do?

• What Questions: What can you___?

• What Questions: What do you___ do with a___?

• When Questions: When do you___?

• When Questions: When do ___?

• Where Questions: Where do you___?

• Where Questions: Where do___?

• Who? Questions: Who___?

• How Questions: How do you___?

• Why Questions: Why___?

Following Directions

• Following Directions: Two-Part Directions

• Following Conditional Directions: If-Then Directions

• Following Temporal Directions: Before-After Directions

Recognizing Absurdities

• Identifying Absurdities: What’s Silly?

Phonological Awareness

• Phonological Awareness: Same or Different?

• Phonological Awareness: Syllable Counting

• Phonological Awareness: Rhyming

2 Quick List Data Sheets for your records. Keep one sheet per student, or take group data on a single sheet. Easy peasy!


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