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  • The Five Little Ducks Speech and Language Therapy Bundle including the farm scene plurals puzzle shown with a barn, pond and animals and a Five Little Ducks book. The adaptive book has printed ducks at the top that you can pull off the page as you count down. It has half pages at the bottom that illustrate the song. This bundle has 23 hands-on activities and covers 19 speech therapy goals.

    Five Little Ducks Speech and Language Companion Bundle

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Interactive Five Little Ducks Book for Preschool Speech Therapy



Captivate even your littlest students with this adorable interactive Five Little Ducks book!

This adapted book is designed to boost engagement and make learning fun in kindergarten and preschool speech therapy. With a focus on story retelling, Wh and Yes-No questions, categories, describing, and articulation, it’s a must-have book for your preschool speech therapy sessions!


How can you use this adapted book?

Perfect for small group settings, you’ll also find it great for your in-class speech therapy sessions and circle time activities. And you know what? It’s great for those literature circles too.

This interactive book beautifully illustrates the beloved preschool song and fingerplay with colorful and engaging visuals. Your kids will love pulling off those little ducks as they go out to play and come back!


Repetitive stories and songs like The Five Little Ducks nursery rhyme are fantastic for speech and language development.

The repetition in the story gives children repeated exposure to vocabulary, and extra confidence to participate.

This Five Little Ducks book is also packed with the irresistible magic of rhythm and rhyme that children find so inviting, prompting even some of our most reluctant little ones to join in!


You’ll be able to address multiple goals with just a single activity, making it awesome for your mixed groups in kindergarten and preschool speech therapy

From retelling narratives to expanding vocabulary, and language skills, and even working on articulation, this book covers it all. There’s even a questions card included that’s super handy for working on language development after reading the story.


For even more interactive fun, the book comes with magnet board/flannel board pieces.

So, when it’s time for story retelling, your kids can get hands-on and really immerse themselves in the tale. And if you want to keep the learning going at home, there’s also a black and white printable mini-book included.

Watch as your students’ enthusiasm soar and language skills grow as you share The Five Little Ducks Go Out to Play! So grab a copy and watch the magic happen in your speech therapy sessions!


The details:


➤ SKILLS TARGETED: The repetition and rhyme in this story offer practice for:

  • Vocabulary: ducks, mother, father, hill, over, far, away, waddling
  • Story Comprehension, sequencing, re-telling
  • WH Question Comprehension
  • Yes-No Questions
  • Position Concepts: over, far, away
  • Quantity Concepts: Counting numbers 1 to 5
  • Categories
  • Describing
  • Articulation: final /k/ (quack, duck, back) and final s-blend /ks/ (ducks)
  • Regular plural “s” ending: “ducks”
  • Irregular verbs: went, said, came
  • Story-retelling



  • 16-page printable adapted book with ½ pages and interactive “little ducks” to attach to the full-sized last page.
  • Mini-Book for story-telling practice at home
  • 13 Story-Telling Pieces for your magnet board or a cookie sheet activity
  • A Song Poster with the lyrics
  • A Language Development Questions Card with handy prompts for:
  • Wh questions
  • Yes/No Questions
  • Categorization, Describing


Can’t Print in Color? The Five Little Ducks Printable Book includes an ink-saving B&W printing option for you.


Want even more duck and pond activities that will make planning super easy for multiple sessions?

Grab The Five Little Ducks Bundle, which includes this book set, plus a ton of done-for-you Five Little Ducks activities to go with it! If you grab the bundle, you won’t need to purchase this interactive book separately, it’s in there!

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