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Five Little Ducks Speech and Language Companion Bundle



Capture your student’s interest and keep them engaged with the Five Little Ducks Song and these hands-on activities!

This set is packed full of adorable animals perfect for enticing even your most reluctant little ones. Boost participation in your spring and summer speech therapy sessions or classroom activities.  A multitude of goals and activities makes it great for your mixed groups in preschool through first grade.
Sing the Five Little Ducks song as you read the interactive adapted book, then choose from 23 hands-on activities to do next. Use it for your push-in lessons, for centers, small groups and speech therapy sessions. You’ll teach wh questions, verbs, concepts, categories, story retelling, rhyme, articulation of final /k/, and more.

These Five Little Ducks printables make it super easy to plan

Low to no-prep materials, these activities are a perfect match for your themed-based therapy.  The Five Little Ducks song fits right in with your pond, duck, farm animals, nursery rhyme, and spring or summer themes. With a huge variety of goals, you can easily meet the needs of your varied learners and mixed groups.

This huge Five Little Ducks bundle includes materials for at least two hours of instruction or 4-8 speech therapy sessions!

Want to plan out a month’s worth of sessions with just one resource? You can! You get tons of fun activities, plus I‘ve also included a lesson plan with suggestions for extension activities: art, snack, literacy center, listening center, songs, and a book list.


  • Answering WH questions- What, Where, Who, Why, Which
  • Answering Yes-No questions
  • Naming to a description
  • Naming category members
  • Regular past-tense verbs
  • Regular plurals
  • Position concepts/ Prepositions: in, on, out, in front, behind, between, next to, over, above, under
  • Quantity concepts: more, less
  • Size concepts: large, medium, small
  • Ordinal concepts: first, second, third, last
  • Comparative concepts: same/ different
  • Following 2–element directions
  • Story vocabulary for the Five Little Ducks
  • Associations: Which pictures go together?
  • Articulation final /k/ words
  •  Phonological awareness- rhyme, counting syllables, beginning and ending sounds, sound and syllable deletion/substitution
  • Story comprehension- answering questions cards
  • Story-re-telling / re-enactment




60 Question Cards and 39 Final /k/ Articulation Cards for gameplay, Word Wall cards, a Puzzle, a Cookie sheet activity, 8 Worksheets, 4 Dough Mats, Five Little Ducks Act it Out Visors, Open-ended Bingo Chip/ Dot Marker activity

✅ 102 CARDS:

  • 24 WH Question Cards
  • 12 YES- NO Question Cards
  • 12 Name to a Description Cards
  • 12 Name the Category Member Cards
  • 12 Word Wall Vocabulary Cards
  • 30 Final /k/ CVC Articulation Cards
  • 9 Final /k/ 2-syllable Cards


  • Make-A Scene Cookie Sheet activity with 12 animals to place on the scene.
  • 12 Regular Plurals Puzzle Cards: Practice the cards, then complete the puzzle!
  • 2 Prepositions Dough Mats: in, on, out, in front, behind, between, next to, over, above, under
  • 2 Quantity Concepts Dough Mats: More-Less



Father Duck, Mother Duck, and Little Ducks visors that your children can wear as they act out the story. Great for groups!

✅ WORKSHEETS: Cut and Paste, Dot Marker, Coloring

  • Guess What? A name to a description, cut and paste, Final /k/ worksheet
  • Final /k/ Speech Homework page with pictures
  • Five Little Ducks Following Directions coloring worksheet
  • How Many Syllables? Pond vocabulary dot marker/ crayon worksheet
  • Pond Go-togethers: Associations worksheet
  • Matching/ Same-Different cut and paste worksheet
  • 2 Following Two-Element Directions coloring worksheets



  • Phonological Awareness Question Card with 46 questions leveled for younger and older students
  • Visual Support Mats for Questions
  • Sentence Construction Mats: For sentences beginning with I picked, I pick, I see, I have, I want
  • An open-ended Dot Marker/ Bingo Chip Activity
  • Extra game cards: Wild, Old Maid, Reverse cards
  • Card Game Instructions: How to play 4 different games
  • Vocabulary List Bookmarks: story vocabulary, pond animals, duck verbs
  • Themed book, video and craft ideas to go with your duck theme and focus on final /k/ practice


PLEASE NOTE: This product includes two products::

Five Little Ducks Interactive Adapted Book

Five Little Ducks Companion Activities

You will not need to purchase the adapted book separately if you purchase this bundle.


Love Nursery Rhyme Units?

The activities included are designed for small group instruction, circle time with stories, and activities for literacy, listening, and art centers. Each unit includes at least 2 hours of activities based on the story, nursery rhyme themes, and a specific articulation target.

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