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Free Apps For Speech Therapy: Creating Games With Tiny Tap!
Create games using your own photos!

Have you seen Tiny Tap?

This free app makes it easy to use your own personalized photos to create highly engaging, meaningful interactive games and activities for your students. Your students can be the star of the game. How cool and exciting is that?
Take a photo with your tablet, or use one from the camera roll, and use it to design awesome language games.
Add your photo, then draw or add text too!

How can you use it for Speech Therapy?

* Need to motivate a student with autism who has a special interest? Build learning games that feature photos of his interest!
* Want to make position concepts meaningful for a preschooler? Photograph her and her favorite toy in various places. Where is Teddy Bear? On her head. Behind her. Under her. Next to her.
* Working on verbs? Take action pictures of your students. What is he doing? Washing his hands. Throwing the ball.  Drinking milk. What did he do? He drew a picture.
* Functional Vocabulary? Take pictures of the objects and actions in a child’s daily routines.Name the picture.
* Working on pronouncing family names with a child who struggles with articulation? Use photos of family and pets in activities.
Bet you can think of many more activities. Think of the possibilities, and get the creative juices going!

I love using this app for language activities!

To start:

Create a new game and take a photo or import an image.
 (This pic is my 5 month old kitten Tazzy!)


You can:
Add photos and draw or add text:
This kitty is Tazzy’s sister Nilla (for Vanilla!).
You can draw shapes or pictures for students to select .
*Record questions and answers.
 “Where’s her nose?”
 Circle the area the child should tap for the answer.  (The circle is not visible during the game). Then,  record a response that plays if the child is correct (Maybe cheering, or “That’s right!) and other responses for incorrect, such as  “try again” or “uh oh!”
Tiny Tap: Record your question, then select the answer area .
  *Make a shape puzzle.
Create puzzles with your own photos,for speech therapy with this App: Tiny Tap
Use your own photos to create shape puzzles of pets, favorite toys or friends
Tiny Tap Makes it easy to customize learning games!
*Create a sound board. Choose an area of your photo to tap and hear the sound.
Add sounds or record narration that plays when students touch a selected areas.
When finished, your new game goes on the Bookshelf! You can see it here.
Try this free app out, you will love  Tiny Tap!

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