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15 Fun Summer Word Search Puzzles for Adjectives, Verbs and Vocabulary



15 fun summer word searches to print that are perfect for your early finishers and vocabulary work in summer speech therapy, ESL, and elementary classrooms.
You get summer word searches focusing on a ton of vocabulary words: regular and irregular verbs, adjectives, and twelve different summer themes including Father’s Day, the beach, summer camp, Father’s Day, summer vacation, and more. 
Each different summer word search has 20 themed words. All the words can be found across, down, or diagonally, making them easier for your students… (There are no backward words)
Be sure to check out the preview for a closer look at these activities!
  • Regular verbs
  • Irregular verbs
  • Adjectives
  • Seasonal vocabulary
  • Formulating sentences
Find the words, then write sentences using one or two of the words you found.
  • 15 Summer Word Search Printables with 20 themed summer vocabulary words each
  • A summer word search answer key for each puzzle
These engaging end-of the-year word find activities include word searches for:
  1. Summer regular verbs
  2. Summer irregular verbs
  3. Summer adjectives
  4. Vacation
  5. July 4th
  6. Swimming
  7. Beach
  8. Camping activities
  9. Fishing
  10. Activities at the park
  11. Summer sports
  12. Father’s Day
  13. Ocean animals
  14. Forest animals
  15. Theme park fun
There are lots of ways you can use and expand these summer word search activities:
  • Vocabulary- Find and discuss the vocabulary words
  • Phonological Awareness Which words begin with a particular sound? (That you select)
  • Articulation students practice the words containing their target sound
  • Categorizing– each word search already includes words in a themed category. What sub-categories can you divide the words into? For instance, with the camping word search: Which items would you use at night? Which words go with the word tent? Can you think of more words for this word search?
  • Syntax Which words are verbs? Nouns? Plurals? Adjectives? Use the word in a sentence about last summer (past-tense), or next summer (future tense).
  • Describing Students choose a word and describe it with a category and two or three attributes/ features
  • Narratives Who can tell me a story about one of these words? Have students pick one word and tell their experiences. Prompt them to provide story elements- setting, characters, plot (what happened), feelings, and sequence- intro, middle, conclusion. Draw it! Write it!
  • Wh Questions Where would find this item? What do you do with it? Why would you need it? Who has one, (noun) has done this (verb)?
  • Alphabetizing the words listed are not in alphabetical order, have your students sequence and write them in order.
  • Sentence Formulation and Writing– Have your students choose a word and write it in a sentence.

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