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Personal Pronouns, Possessive Pronouns and Plurals Dress Me Community Helpers



Answer WH Questions and practice grammar in speech therapy for pronouns, possessive nouns, has/have and sentence structure too with this adorable hands-on activity for preschool to 1st grade. Syntax practice has never been so much fun!

Children dress their community helpers in the large, easy to handle clothing pieces and add the equipment for one of 17 occupations. Practice the questions, then have more fun with 5 Grammar and Sentence Structure mats and the included cards.

Your students will be enthusiastically practicing a wide variety of syntax goals and learning community helper vocabulary too.

Play a fun grammar game of Go Fish with the cards as you collect your helpers’ equipment.

Get more hands-on practice when you make the BW cut, color, and paste mini-book. It also includes a parent page making it easy to send for homework or carryover-over practice.

This pack will supply multiple sessions of highly engaging practice, and be a resource you reach for often if your students struggle with pronouns and has /have.

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  • Personal Pronouns: He, She, They
  • Possessive Pronouns: His, Hers, Theirs
  • Possessive Nouns (The teacher’s ruler)
  • Have/ Has (He has, she has, they have)
  • Third Person Singular (She works, he works, they work)
  • Answering Questions: What? Where? Who? Whose?
  • Regular Plurals
  • Vocabulary: Community helpers and their equipment.


CONTENTS: 44 Useable Pages

  • 8 Dress Me Community Helper Mats- Choose a person (or 2 if targeting plurals), dress them in the large, child-friendly clothing pieces, then add their equipment to the mat. Now you’re ready to practice personal pronouns, has/have and WH questions answering Who is this? and What does __ have?
  • Community Helpers Dress Me Clothes and Equipment for 17 different occupations to use with the Community Helper Mats. Four occupations have a double set of clothing so you can use two Dress Me Mats and construct sentences with plural nouns and pronouns. (They have a ruler. They are teachers.)
  • 21 Community Helper Cards- Community helpers are dressed in their work clothing and shown with their equipment. Use these cards as a guide for completing the Dress Me Mats or with any of the 5 Grammatical Sentence Practice mats
  • 9 Community Helper Plural Cards- Community Helpers are shown in pairs to help children practice plurals and plural grammatical forms with the mats.
  • 57 Equipment Cards- Use these cards with the Sentence Mats to practice has/have, his/hers/theirs, possessive nouns (It’s the chef’s hat. It’s the firefighter’s ax.) and WH questions Who has? And Whose?
  • 12 Workplace Cards- Use with the Where? Sentence Mat to practice WH? Question comprehension and third-person plurals (She works, They work) and answer Where does this person work?
  • 4 Vocabulary Reference Cards- Community helper, equipment, and workplace vocabulary lists
  • 5 WH Question cards- 52 WH questions at your fingertips for easy prompting during your session.
  • 5 Grammatical Sentence Mats- 5 different mats for syntax and WH question practice. Each mat has places to put your cards, providing picture support for students as they construct their sentences.
  • Community Helpers Pronoun Practice Mini Book- A BW cut and paste mini-book for your therapy session or to send for home practice. Includes a parent letter with practice tips. Print your mini-book for a single personal pronoun as you establish the skill (Just she, he or they) or print a booklet of mixed pronouns for advanced or carryover practice.
  • 2 Progress Monitoring Pages: Take data for a single student with the Student Data Sheet or use the Group Data page to simplify data-taking on multiple students and goals during your session.



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