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Category Bingo Riddles for Elementary Students



Riddles for elementary students in a fun categories game for kids!

How can you make teaching categories fun? Try Category Bingo Riddles with What am I riddles for elementary students!
This exciting and super-engaging categories game for kids is perfect for speech therapy, ESL, or teaching categories in your classroom.
Your students will love guessing the rhyming riddle clues and won’t even realize they’re practicing multiple skills as they play.

Category Bingo Riddles includes 30 boards and both print and digital an easy-prep printable pdf game or play this category game online with the no-prep digital version for Google Slides™. The boards and 27 calling cards include a picture answer to what am I riddles and a written answer for your readers too.

Want to kick up the difficulty a notch with these fun category riddles for elementary students? There’s a second set of calling cards… you can have your more advanced students read the riddle cards that come without the answers. 

 This categories game for kids is a quick and grab-and-go activity that you’ll use over and over, will save you planning time, and help you boost categorization skills in an extra-fun way.  Educators tell me that after playing once, their students often beg to play Bingo Riddles again next time!

You can easily practice all these skills with the whole class or use just a few boards for small groups.

  1. naming categories
  2. inference
  3. listening comprehension
  4. rhyming
  5. vocabulary for a whole-class activity or use just a few boards for small groups.
  6. articulation too
This is NOT your ordinary bingo game!
My Bingo Riddles games are best-sellers because they are:
  • super engaging with fun rhyming riddles for elementary students
  • require students to think as they play!
  • quick to print and prep
  • can be used digitally for virtual learning
  • easy to level and differentiate for a variety of students
  • great for whole class or push-in speech therapy
  • perfect for small table groups
  • make mixed groups easy by targeting multiple goals with a single activity!
Be sure to view the PREVIEW to see more of this categories game for kids!
Want to save on color ink? Low Color/Grayscale Printing options are included.
CONTENTS: 38 useable pages plus a digital version for Google Slides™  
• 30 Different Bingo Cards- plenty for small groups or to play with the entire class
• 27 Riddle Calling Cards with picture and written answers
• 27 Riddle Calling Cards without the answer (to use when students read the clues)
• 42 Smiley Cover Cards
• Riddle Me! A write your own riddle printable extension activity.
The 27 categories targeted in this fun game are:
  1. school supplies
  2. fruit
  3. tools
  4. vegetables
  5. furniture
  6. transportation
  7. clothes
  8. pets
  9. holidays
  10. breakfast
  11. toys
  12. instruments
  13. dinosaurs
  14. flowers
  15. snacks
  16. weather
  17. rooms
  18. drinks
  19. jobs
  20. insects
  21. money
  22. sports
  23. planets
  24. seasons
  25. silverware
  26. jewelry
  27. ocean animals
Need to make-up sessions in a larger group? Bingo Riddles games are perfect!
After playing the game, your students can write their own riddles and have fun taking turns guessing the answers.
This Bingo Riddles game will be a hit and the fun rhyming riddles for elementary students and are terrific for a wide variety of ages. I’ve included suggestions on how to level the game for kindergarten through fourth grade.
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