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    Bingo Riddles Speech Therapy Holidays and Seasons Mega Bundle

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Bingo Riddles Articulation Games for Speech Therapy Bundle



Make articulation practice fun with these articulation games for speech therapy!

Ditch boring drills and get your kids eager to practice with these exciting articulation bingo games.

This is not your ordinary bingo!

The rhyming riddles in these articulation games make playing extra fun and your students won’t even realize they’re practicing multiple skills as they play!

Do you struggle with mixed groups in speech therapy?

Bingo Riddles games make it simple to address a multitude of skills (articulation and language too) while being focused and having fun. Bingo Riddles are the perfect solution when you need a game for a speech party too!

Need to have larger group make-up sessions?

Handle larger groups like a pro and get those make-up sessions done!  With no extra time for make-up sessions, we often need to add extra students to our mixed groups to get in everyone’s required time. Bingo Riddles makes it easy, and you’ll have a productive session that everyone enjoys.

Limited or no access to color printing?

Ink-saving options are included! Each of the twelve games has 12 different bingo boards with 3 printing options:

  1. full color
  2. low color or
  3. a copy-friendly black and white line drawing version your students will enjoy coloring. (The black & white version is great to send home for extra practice too.)

Do you need online articulation games for teletherapy and virtual learning?

I’ve got you covered with the included digital version with moveable bingo chips.  You can play these articulation bingo games with Google Slides™ in teletherapy, on a tablet or project them on an interactive whiteboard. for whole group fun.

You can easily practice all these skills in mixed groups with these fun articulation games:

  1. articulation of R, S, TH and Blends
  2. inference
  3. listening comprehension
  4. rhyming
  5. vocabulary
  6. describing
You get 12 games with 12 different boards each
  1. Initial S
  2. Medial S
  3. Final S
  4. Initial S-Blends
  5. Initial R
  6. Medial R
  7. Final Vocalic R
  8. R-Blends
  9. Initial Voiceless TH
  10. Medial Voiceless TH
  11. Final Voiceless TH
  12. Mixed Practice Voiceless TH

Speech Sprouts Bingo Riddles games are best-sellers because they are:

  • super engaging with fun rhyming riddles
  • require students to think as they play!
  • quick to print and prep
  • can be used digitally for virtual learning
  • easy to level for a variety of students
  • great for large or small groups
  • make mixed groups easy by targeting multiple goals with a single activity!
Be sure to view the PREVIEW to see more of this resource!
Here’s everything that’s included: 214 useable pages with:
  • 4 games: R, S, TH with games for all word positions and blends
  • 3 printable versions to meet your needs:
    • Full color
    • Low color- colorful pictures but no background
    • Black & White – great for dot markers or sending for homework
  • a digital version for Google Slides™ 
  • 192 Different Bingo Cards: 12 each for initial, medial, and final word positions, and S Blends
  • 27 Riddle Calling Cards per game with answers for each word position (297 riddles total!)
  • 27 Riddle Calling Cards per game without answers for students to read aloud
  • 42 Smiley Cover Cards
Bingo Riddles are terrific for a wide variety of ages and include suggestions on how to level the game for a variety of learners.

What SLPs are saying about Articulation Bingo Riddles Games:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ This product is amazing! The riddles make the game so much fun, thank you!
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Everyone should own every Speech Sprouts bingo riddle packet. The riddles are getting even better. My students 1st through 7th beg for these bingo riddles. Love that this one has artic focus.
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ This resource is so awesome for my older kids because I can incorporate  artic and language both into it. Thanks so much!!
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ This was a fun way to address generalization and self monitoring for kids who are working towards mastery at word or reading levels depending on how you use it. Fun activity and my students loved the riddles.
Love riddles and bingo?  See all my Bingo Riddles games
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